Josue Gonzalez

Piano Instructor

About Josue

Hello! My name is Josue Gonzalez and I teach piano at the San Ramon Academy of Music.

I believe a teacher must be a guiding light when there is darkness and that music connects two people on a higher intellectual and spiritual level. Teaching is not only a job, but the most powerful way to pass knowledge onto another generation. My desire is to inspire my students through a deeper understanding of the pieces that they’re performing.

I started playing at the tender age of 7 and attended the best music school in Costa Rica as a pre-college student just two years later.

I’ve performed all over the world at renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Rachmaninoff Hall and Bolshoi Hall in Russia and have won more than 15 national and international competitions such as the the Leschetitzky Concerto Competition in NY, Jovenes Solistas in Costa Rica, The First Slav Piano Competition in France, the Spivakov Piano Competition and Festival in Moscow, and the famous Nariman Sabitov Piano competition in UFA, Russia.

On the rare occasion I’m not playing or composing I love playing soccer, ping pong, and doing CrossFit.

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“I didn’t want my son to be turned off to piano because of all the practicing. Lots of work but not a ton of play. James brings enthusiasm and joy to the discipline. He picked up my son’s style and personality, and could flow according to my son’s uniqueness/playfulness.”

“My biggest concern is if my kids don’t enjoy and have no progress over a significant amount of lessons time. So far your role as a teacher has been very helpful in making my kids interested & focused on their lessons”

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