San Ramon Academy of Music Adult Student Contract

Agreement to be Governed by California Law:

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the State of California applicable to contracts entered into and wholly performed within said state.


Lessons are offered weekly in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions:
$50 – per 30 minute lesson
$70 – per 45 minute lesson
$90 – per 60 minute lesson


Students are on an automatically renewing month-to-month contract. Tuition is paid on a weekly basis through the student portal.

Cancellation Policy/Make-up Policy:

Cancellations must be given at least 24 hours in advance in order to receive a make-up lesson that is to be taken within a month of the cancellation. If the student fails to comply with the 24-hour cancellation policy, the lesson will not be rescheduled and count as an unexcused paid absence.

In the event of an allowed make-up lesson: To schedule, the student can either book from their student portal or contact their instructor via their portal. Students will be given reasonable notice of a possible make-up time directly from their instructor; however, if the student’s schedule does not permit for the make-up lesson, the lesson is a counted absence.

Credits will be given for emergencies and extenuating circumstances only and at the discretion of the instructor. If the instructor is unable to attend a lesson you will be given sufficient notice and either a credit or make-up lesson.

For planned instructor absences a substitute teacher will be assigned to you. In these cases, the same absence policies apply. Any student absences will be counted against your total or given a make up credit at your discretion.

Excused Absences:

As adult students are busy they are free to cancel lessons as necessary. Lessons canceled before 24hrs are given the option to be a make-up or excused absence without charge. However, consistent scheduling changes and cancellations are unfair to our instructors. As such, the instructor reserves the right to request that lessons become charged after excessive cancellations without makeup.

Student Discontinuation:

To cancel your monthly contract, 30 days written notice must be given. Any lessons within this 30 day period that are missed, are considered forfeit and will be paid for in full. Within the 30-day notice period for lesson discontinuation, any makeup credits accrued by the student cannot be used to count for their last classes under the contract. The makeup credits must be scheduled outside of their regular lesson time or will be forfeited at the end of the 30-day period. 


Please allow +/- 5 minutes of arrival time from your set lesson time. Instructors must teach for full-allotted time. If time cannot be made up the student will be reimbursed for a partial credit or have additional time at the end of the next lesson at the student’s discretion.

Schedule Requests:

Please be courteous of the instructor’s schedule and of other students in requesting frequent changes to the schedule. Most lessons occur during a very limited amount of hours after school and are at times very difficult to reschedule.

Performance Opportunities:

Our studio encourages adult students to showcase their talents and progress through performance opportunities. While there are no school recitals, there are other performance opportunities available such as open mics, and our studio manager and instructor can assist you in learning about and signing up for these events. Participation in these events is highly encouraged as they provide valuable experience and feedback for your growth as a musician. Competitions, festivals, and achievement days are available to all students. Suggested participation in these events depends on the student’s level of progress, involvement and dedication to practice.

Lesson Supplies:

Students are required to own their own music and materials, which the instructor will assign. If the teacher purchases the student’s materials, the student will be billed accordingly at the end of the month. Every student is required to own and have their assigned materials at every lesson.

Daily supplies for virtual lessons:

  • Internet connection of >30Mpbs
  • (2) screens: laptop for the student to view the teacher and a phone or tablet to provide a sufficient viewing angle for teacher corrections
  • Access to teacher assigned Google Drive folder

Student Expectations:

Adult students are expected to practice regularly and develop positive practice habits in consultation with their instructor
Adult students are responsible for acquiring an instrument for themselves. The teacher will recommend music stores and websites to obtain an instrument upon student request. This is in addition to having a home printer to print out supplemental material assigned by their teacher.


I agree to allow San Ramon Academy of Music to take photographs, videos, and/or recordings of me or my child during lessons, recitals, or other events to be used only for archival purposes and for promotional use.
I have read and will comply with the above studio policies.