Music Examinations

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Music Examinations

The ABRSM, RCM, and CM are internationally recognized certifications used to measure musical proficiency in:

  • Technique
  • Performance
  • Musical interpretation 
  • Music theory 
  • Aural skill knowledge.

(And they’re great for college applications, too!)

We have teachers and courses created specifically to prepare students for these exams. (Talk with your lesson teacher about whether testing is right for your child.) 

Ask about our supplemental music theory courses, too!

What is the difference between ABRSM, RCM, and CM testing?

  • All tests are used to measure musical proficiency in technique, performance and musical interpretation in addition to music theory and aural skill knowledge
  • All exams have pros and cons which will be discussed in detail with your instructor when planning your examination path



Why take exams?

  • Motivate your child to achieve higher levels of musical proficiency
  • Perfect extra-curricular achievement for college applications

How do I know my child is ready for examination?

  • Our expert staff is here to help you determine the right path for your child
  • Exam preparation takes time and effort! Collaboration with your teacher with thought and care will help create a positive relationship with the process and not something your child will dread
  • Talk with their teacher to help determine whether these exams are right for your child


Our testing experience has been so easy with San Ramon Academy of Music! Both of my children have taken multiple performance and theory exams over the years. Our instructor made what is normally a difficult preparation process, fun, engaging, and inspiring for my kids.

– Claire, SRAM parent

Do you have further questions about graded exams? Ask us!