Our Performances

At San Ramon Academy of Music, performance isn’t just a part of our curriculum; it’s at the heart of our music education philosophy. Performance is what transforms practice into passion, and dedication into excellence.

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Why are The San Ramon Academy of Music’s recitals unforgettable? The details!

Amazing performances and unique programs are a given, but we go the extra mile with commemorative shirts, engraved trophies, and a lot more!

Incredibly passionate teachers will make sure your child is ready and will have a day to remember for years to come.

The San Ramon Academy of Music features more performance opportunities and options than any other area music school! Without performance, students often struggle with motivation, leading to burnout, practice battles, and eventually, quitting altogether. We believe that regular performances are the antidote to these challenges, ensuring your musical journey is a rewarding and enduring one.

“Performing is scary for kids, especially at first! I know firsthand as I had terrible performance anxiety when I was young. We put exceptional detail into each concert to make every student feel the importance of their accomplishment in getting on stage.”

– James Daly, Owner, San Ramon Academy of Music

Performing, from preparation to execution, is a huge part of progressing as both a musician and an individual. The earlier they start, the sooner they start reaping those rewards!

You’ll never forget being a part of a San Ramon Academy of Music’s in-person recital. Feel like a pro performing at our beautiful venues and our commemorative t-shirts are always a one-of-a-kind keepsake you’ll treasure. Don’t forget to stick around for the reception! That’s where you’ll meet other performers and take in the congratulations from friends and family.



Watch your young musician perform on screen at your family movie night in one of The San Ramon Academy of Music’s Virtual Recitals. They’ll look and sound great (our virtual recitals are professionally edited) and we supply your special Watch Party Kit filled with quiz cards, trophies, shirts, snacks, toys, and other fun prizes.

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Photos & Testimonials

Read what some of our lesson parents have said about our past recitals:

“Well done! It was a fun family afternoon. Kudos to you – for all the efforts you put in to make it a fun and interactive session!”

“Great watch party James! Thanks for all of your hard work to provide this opportunity and transform this experience for the kids.”

“Hi James, just saw your gift box…beautiful, very thoughtful, and really showcases your interest, passion, and how much you care for the kids. Our student is really blessed to have you has his teacher. Thanks a lot for everything.”

“Thanks so much again James. It was awesome! Ray & Ted’s grandparents in Manado-Indonesia and his cousin Anderson in Maryland were able to see the recital live and really appreciate everything you did. Have a great weekend!”


If your child has never experienced the many personal rewards of performing, the San Ramon Academy of Music’s Group Class Recitals are the perfect way to start. Performing with friends is easy and fun, and our Group Class Recitals are great for students of all levels!



Meet artists from across the area at our unique collaboration concerts. Held in some of the area’s most fun and unusual venues and featuring talent from different schools and disciplines, you’ll build lasting friendships and experience a wide-range of artistic experiences.