What if learning music was as fun as:

a video game?

fighting ninjas?

puppy kisses?

birthday cake?

building Legos?


baking cookies?

Discover fun and engaging lessons with a world-class instructor to unlock your child’s creative & cognitive talents. Available in person and virtually to support all student preferences and needs.

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James Daly

Owner & Head Piano Teacher

Parents sit and wonder if their kids are ‘musical’, but here’s the secret; Everyone has musical ability! It’s an innate part of being human and explains our universal love for music. How that talent is nurtured, determines whether it blossoms. That’s where the SRAM difference comes into play!

I’m James Daly, owner of San Ramon Academy of Music, and a music teacher for the last 15 years. I made SRAM to revolutionize how we approach learning music.

As a child, I began piano lessons at 4, but lessons and practice felt more like a chore. This led to burnout, and I quit. However, I knew I loved music!

After years of self study, I encountered a teacher who understood music beyond just playing the right notes. Learning became play, and music transformed into endless possibilities. Fast forward and I’m at UC Berkeley on a full academic scholarship and getting to travel the world playing music.

At SRAM, we redefine ‘practice’ by making it playful and sustainable. Lessons are not just productive but a cherished experience because of our educators, teaching methods, and the unique resources available to all of our students.


Hear why students and their parents like to take music lessons at San Ramon Academy of Music


Your care for the students, which goes way beyond the music, is clear and really different from other music studios. I’m so grateful Jacob gets to play music with you and am so grateful for the warm tone you set.


The instructors have great passion, not only for music, but imparting their passion onto the students. I love to see the joy you have when our son learns and reaches his milestones.


We love SRAM. Everything is hands on, all questions are answered, and the quality of each lesson is exceptional. My kid is happy learning piano from here.

What Can You Get From Just 30 Minutes?


The SRAM Difference:

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