We asked our students and their parents what makes the San Ramon Academy of Music so special… and they had A LOT to say!

Maximize Learning AND Fun

Everyone learns better while experiencing a powerful teacher/student connection. Here’s Sujal and Parul, Mandakini, and Amiel and Tracy to let you know how the connection we have with our students goes beyond anything they’ve experienced before.

Unmatched Convenience

Do you and your family have lots of spare time? Didn’t think so. Ann, Amiel and Tracy, and Mandakini tell you how our lessons easily fit into their family’s busy schedules.

Innovative Technology

Music is about your ears, but music lessons are about your eyes, too! Sam, Parul and Sujal, Sianna, and Samara show you how our technology enhances our student’s learning capabilities and engagement and makes them more passionate students.

Personalized Lessons

Every student is different. Different learning styles, different likes and dislikes, different personalities. We customize every lesson plan around the individual student. Teaching to who they are and what they need. Sam, Parul and Sujal,, and Sianna talk about how much that means.

Teachers That Care

Above all, we just LOVE doing this! Our teachers want nothing more than to help each student develop their confidence and passion for music. As one of our parents so eloquently said, “This can be just something they can do or it can be something that they love.” Listen to Ann, Amiel and Tracy and Jagannath speak to it.

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