Connor Pennington

Guitar Instructor

About Connor

California native and resident, Connor received his Bachelors Degree in Music from California State University, San Bernardino with an emphasis in classical guitar performance and a minor in jazz studies. He will be receiving his Masters Degree in classical guitar performance in December 2022 from the University of Redlands, California. Connor specializes in Romantic/Modern styles of classical guitar and can also teach Baroque, Renaissance, and Classical style, as well as steel string (acoustic) and electric guitar (rock, jazz, soul etc). Connor has experience teaching students of all ages and loves to share his adoration for music and guitar with anyone willing.

Besides playing guitar, Connor enjoys spending time with animals, especially his dogs. He also enjoys going to shows and concerts, cooking, camping/being outside in general, painting and reading.

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“I didn’t want my son to be turned off to piano because of all the practicing. Lots of work but not a ton of play. James brings enthusiasm and joy to the discipline. He picked up my son’s style and personality, and could flow according to my son’s uniqueness/playfulness.”

“My biggest concern is if my kids don’t enjoy and have no progress over a significant amount of lessons time. So far your role as a teacher has been very helpful in making my kids interested & focused on their lessons”

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