Nigel Cathey

Piano & Trumpet Instructor, Student Liaison

About Nigel

Nigel received his bachelor’s degree in music from The University of Alabama with an emphasis in instrumental performance under the tutelage of Eric Yates. Nigel has served as a Worship Director since 2017. He also specializes in jazz and commercial music and has performed throughout the Southeast United States since 2016.

Nigel has studied at the University of Alabama and performed classical, commercial, and jazz repertoire across the Southeast United States. He also has over 4 years of experience teaching piano and trumpet to students of all ages.

Book With Nigel

“I didn’t want my son to be turned off to piano because of all the practicing. Lots of work but not a ton of play. James brings enthusiasm and joy to the discipline. He picked up my son’s style and personality, and could flow according to my son’s uniqueness/playfulness.”

“My biggest concern is if my kids don’t enjoy and have no progress over a significant amount of lessons time. So far your role as a teacher has been very helpful in making my kids interested & focused on their lessons”