San Ramon Academy of Music

What if learning music was as fun as

a video game?

fighting ninjas?

puppy kisses?

birthday cake?

building Legos?


baking cookies?

Simply open your laptop and watch your child grow in music, hassle-free and fully engaged.

We make it that easy.

Especially for busy parents that have tried virtual lessons already, it seems too good to be true.

That’s why we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Experience the SRAM difference—it’s not just ‘one secret’. It’s a process crafted from years of feedback, and why our virtual lessons set a new standard for immersion and engagement.

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Do you ever wonder if your child has a hidden talent?

Well they do! The real magic is how we make it blossom!

Everyone has musical ability. It’s an innate part of being human and explains our universal love for music. How that talent is nurtured, determines whether it flourishes.

At SRAM, we redefine ‘practice’ by making it playful and sustainable. Lessons are not just productive but most importantly, a cherished experience because of our educators, teaching methods, and the unique resources available to all of our students.


Hear why students and their parents like to take music lessons at San Ramon Academy of Music


I was really impressed with the camera setup right from the start. It’s so well-thought-out that it feels like they can really see how my kid is doing from every angle. More than just being convenient, they’ve put a lot of care into making online lessons effective.


My oldest started private lessons with another teacher for 2 years with little to no improvement … I was initially skeptical of virtual lessons but gave it a shot. Now my 8 and 6 year old have been with their teachers for over a year and the method works!


Remote classes have made her more responsible and diligent; she’s practicing more, even just before class, something we never saw with in-person sessions. It’s working perfectly for us.

Why Our Virtual Lessons?

We bring modern technology to exceptional teachers for an ideal lesson experience.

Our Story:


Hi, I’m James Daly!

I’m the founder and one of the instructors at San Ramon Academy of Music.

I come from a family of dedicated professional musicians who inspired me to pursue music as a career. My lifelong love of music led me to study piano and composition at UC Berkeley and the University of Manchester. I have been fortunate enough to perform classical repertoire across Europe as both a soloist and accompanist and I’m even a commissioned composer and guest lecturer for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

While I enjoy every minute of performing and composing, my passion is teaching music – sharing the skills I’ve been so fortunate to learn over the years to bring joy and fulfillment to a new generation of musicians.

I have taught for almost two decades. When I first started teaching, I became frustrated with many aspects of instruction in other school environments. It was disappointing to see the huge disparity among instructors when it came to providing quality music education for their students – some were great, some were mediocre, and at worst some instructors “taught” in ways that discouraged their students and damaged their budding talents. I was saddened to see these negative outcomes, but as just another teacher in these institutions, I had little power to change things for the better.

Meanwhile, my own clients noticed my attention to detail and love for my students. As a result of their word-of-mouth recommendations, my studio grew until it was completely filled. I was getting calls with requests to take on even more students, but I had to turn them down.

As the calls persisted, however, it occurred to me that I could start my own academy and run it in a way that truly nurtures each student’s unique gifts – the key was to employ teachers that were even more qualified and talented than me!

Then COVID hit. Instead of quitting, I made a vow to my students and families. I dedicated myself to learning everything about virtual music education and implemented the best practices into our lessons, from microphones to cameras, software, and various online tools. I put it all together over the last four years to craft the most amazing lesson experience possible.

By building a small, passionate team of educators, I could ensure that all students received the best possible music education. San Ramon Academy of Music is now host to hundreds of music students with a passion for learning and teachers with a passion for teaching.

It’s truly an honor to have built something so special and I hope you join our family to see what SRAM is all about.

James Daly
Founder // San Ramon Academy of Music

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