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At San Ramon Academy of Music, we are a team of music educators on a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of our students by providing the highest quality remote music lessons throughout the United States.

We use cutting-edge sound and video technology, so even though you’re at home, you’ll feel like you’re right in the studio with us!

But we don’t just teach you to play the piano – we help you make a meaningful connection with music that will last a lifetime.

Our teaching staff of expert musicians includes national competition winners, postgraduate degrees, and professional performers, but it’s our patience, empathy and love of teaching that sets us apart from other music schools.

We know every student’s success starts with a great connection to their teacher. That’s why when you sign up for your first class, we’ll use the information you provide about your child to personally match them with an instructor perfectly suited to their unique learning style, personality, and comfort level.

We’ve watched hundreds of students excel and learn to play music at a level well beyond their years, and we want to help your child get there too. So, for brand-new members of the San Ramon Academy of Music community, we’re offering 50% OFF your first piano lesson!

Hear why students and their parents like to take music lessons at San Ramon Academy of Music


The convenience is really great. The fact that my son can sign in on his own has helped him develop a sense of responsibility to be on time and complete his lesson.


The instructors have great passion, not only for music, but imparting their passion onto the students. I love to see the joy you have when our son learns and reaches his milestones.


Inka is excelling better with digital classes. She’s practicing more and I love it. There’s something about remote lessons that makes her feel more responsible and she even practices before class.

When you sign up for your first virtual lesson, you’ll receive:

Starting with your very first lesson with San Ramon Academy of Music, you’ll notice our attention to detail and commitment to providing you with the best experience possible.

This includes:


James Daly

James has performed as a solo pianist and accompanist across the US and Europe. He has also written dozens of piano works, chamber pieces, and orchestral music which have been played in multiple countries. He has over 10 years of experience teaching piano, theory, and composition to students of all ages.


James received his bachelor’s degree in music from UC Berkeley with an emphasis on performance and composition under pianist Martha Wasley. In addition, he spent time at the University of Manchester studying composition and piano performance under Richard Whalley and Camden Reeves.

Hobbies and Interests

Aside from teaching, James also enjoys spending his free time lifting weights, cooking, drawing, and reading.

Lauren Park

Born in Seoul, Korea, Pianist Lauren Park began studying piano at age 4, and violin a year later. She won numerous national competitions, including the top prize at the Young Artist Music Competition. She provides piano, music theory, and composition lessons to students of all ages.

Lauren received her undergraduate degree under the supervision of Dr. Sara Laimon at McGill University. Received her Master’s in Music Education Research under the supervision of Dr. Isabel Cossette. Upon graduation, Lauren worked as a piano faculty and a Suzuki certified instructor at McGill Conservatory of Music, Montreal, Canada before moving to the United States.

Despite her very busy schedule, Lauren is trying her best to enjoy her life outside of work. She loves dancing, hiking, skiing, making, and trying different foods!

Nigel Cathey

Nigel received his bachelor’s degree in music from The University of Alabama with an emphasis in instrumental performance under the tutelage of Eric Yates. Nigel has served as a Worship Director since 2017. He also specializes in jazz and commercial music and has performed throughout the Southeast United States since 2016.

Nigel has studied at the University of Alabama and performed classical, commercial, and jazz repertoire across the Southeast United States. He also has over 4 years of experience teaching piano and trumpet to students of all ages.

Jesse Bonaventura

Jesse Bonaventura is a pianist, composer, accompanist, teacher, and producer from Buffalo, NY. His received his Bachelor of Music Performance from SUNY Fredonia in 2018 where he was a concerto competition winner and soloist with the Fredonia College Symphony Orchestra.

He graduated with his Master of Music Performance from the Bowling Green State University of Ohio in 2021, where he held a TA position for classroom piano. During his time at Bowling Green, his teaching methods evolved to incorporate primarily online methods due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been teaching piano, theory, history, appreciation, and songwriting to students of all ages through all his years in academia.

Rhea Wu

Rhea has a BA in music and an MA in Piano Performance Studies from the University of Sheffield, England. She also has over 7 years of teaching as well as performing experience. Her passion is making sure music is enjoyable and tailored to her students’ personal needs and goals!

To Rhea, piano lessons are always more than piano. Besides the fundamental piano technique training and music theory, singing, ear training, and stage performance are part of her class as well, along with games, even drawing, and workout sometimes. She believes the process of learning piano is a process of knowing how to coordinate your whole body, build up perseverance and who you can become.

Outside of the piano, Rhea likes hiking, reading, and muay thai (kickboxing). Being part of nature and activities teaches her how to keep going forward when she’s facing difficulties, and the most important thing is, don’t say “I can’t do it” easily.

Crystal Casey

Crystal has a BA in Vocal Performance from Texas Christian University, where she was a founding member of the TCU Opera Society and sang in the Concert Chorale. Before TCU, she received her Associate’s degree from Weatherford College where she was involved in musical theater and choir. She is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist, with original music on all the major streaming services.

Crystal has over ten years of experience teaching singing, piano, and music theory lessons to students of all ages and levels. She also worked at the International Newcomer Academy in Fort Worth, TX, teaching ESL music to newcomers and refugees from all over the globe.

Crystal enjoys spending her free time with her husband and her two dogs, Angelina the elderly Chiweenie and DJ the Belgian Malinois and retired officer. She also enjoys cooking, spending time in nature, the occasional video game, and reading nonfiction.

How It Works:

Fill out the intake form below – including your learning style, musical preferences, availability and more.

San Ramon Academy of Music staff will then use this form to match your child with their most compatible piano instructor. Within 24-48 hours (business days) of our receipt of the intake form, our studio manager will contact you via email to set up your child’s first virtual lesson!

Virtual piano lessons, including this trial lesson, are conducted live over Zoom, with multiple camera angles and a professional microphone to enhance the sights and sounds of the teacher’s studio.