Welcome to Beethoven’s StaffRunner Adventure

PLEASE NOTE: We only have desktop functionality at this time. The game is supported in all browsers except Safari. Tablet integration to come soon! Scroll down to start playing on your desktop now!

Where music meets adventure in a 2D endless runner designed to make learning to read sheet music on the piano both engaging and exciting. Scroll down to start playing!

If you are a San Ramon Academy of Music student and would like an account, email us at [email protected] and we will get you set up and StaffRunning in no time.

We currently run ads on this page to help fund the StaffRunner project but if you would like a paid account with us for $1.99 to help our mission (and customize your character, backgrounds, get on out leaderboard and more!) send us an email: [email protected]!

StaffRunner is a product of PowerfulPiano, a music education platform developed by founder James Daly. PowerfulPiano’s mission is to bring equity and access to music education through engaging and innovative experiences.

Learn, Customize, Compete:

  • Learn Mode: Master note correlations to the correct keys on the staff.
  • Custom Game Mode: Tailor your experience—adjust speed, note range, clef, and more.
  • Ranked Mode: Challenge yourself in Beginner, Intermediate, Maestro, and Virtuoso levels to secure a spot on the global high score leaderboard.

Our Mission: StaffRunner is our passion project aimed at enhancing music education accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting, we believe everyone should have a fun way to learn and appreciate the language of music.

Free to Play with Options: StaffRunner is free to play, but for an ad-free experience and access to unique level backgrounds and playable characters, you can purchase a license and add on’s in the in-game store.

Creators: creator James Daly and lead developer Jesse Bonaventura, are both classical pianists with music degrees and professional performance and teaching experience. Originally created for their students, StaffRunner is now available for music enthusiasts worldwide!