A Symphony of Free Workshops at San Ramon Academy of Music

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Welcome to a world where melodies become memories and learning becomes a lifelong adventure. San Ramon Academy of Music proudly presents a diverse range of free workshops, each designed to unlock creativity, inspire passion, and foster a deep love for music. In this musical haven, participants of all ages are invited to embark on a transformative journey, exploring the rich tapestry of sounds, rhythms, and harmonies that make up the language of music.

1. Musical Adventures: Bonding through Music Exploration

For Ages 3-5, Participant Limit: 10

In the enchanting realm of ‘Musical Adventures,’ parents and their little ones are welcomed to an interactive workshop that transcends ordinary musical experiences. Through carefully curated activities and developmentally appropriate instruments, children aged 3-5 are introduced to the magical world of sound. This workshop not only kindles a passion for music but also strengthens the bond between parent and child, creating cherished moments that will resonate for a lifetime.


2. Piano Playground: Unlock Your Child’s Musical Potential

For Ages 6-10, Participant Limit: 10

‘Piano Playground’ invites young enthusiasts aged 6-10 to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of piano music. Under the expert guidance of seasoned instructors, participants explore the fundamentals of piano playing, unraveling the mysteries of keys, notes, and melodies. This workshop is not just about learning to play; it’s about discovering the joy of creating music, fostering a sense of accomplishment, and nurturing the seeds of a lifelong musical passion.


3. ‘From Beats to Bangers’: A Teen Music Production Workshop

For Ages 12-18, Participant Limit: 5

Teenagers passionate about electronic music production are welcomed to the cutting-edge workshop, ‘From Beats to Bangers.’ Led by experienced instructors, this immersive session delves deep into the art and science of creating electronic music. From crafting mesmerizing melodies to mastering intricate sound design, participants are guided through a hands-on exploration of music production tools and techniques. No prior experience is required, only a passion for music and a desire to create something truly unique.


4. Sing with Harmony: Beginner Choir Workshop

For Ages 6-18, Participant Limit: 10

‘Sing with Harmony’ is more than just a choir workshop; it’s a celebration of voices coming together in perfect unity. Participants aged 6-18, regardless of their prior singing experience, are invited to join this transformative workshop. Led by a world-class vocal instructor and accompanied by a live pianist, participants explore vocal techniques, harmonies, and stage presence. The workshop culminates in a grand recital, where participants showcase their newfound skills and confidence, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.


5. Elevating String Players: Free Workshop

For Ages 10-18, Participant Limit: 20

Young string musicians are welcomed to the ‘Elevating String Players’ workshop, an immersive experience designed to hone their skills and explore the intricacies of string instruments. Led by the esteemed heads of the San Ramon Youth String Orchestra, participants delve into the world of bows, strings, and beautiful melodies. Through interactive exercises and ensemble playing, participants not only refine their techniques but also experience the joy of creating music together, forming connections that extend beyond the workshop.


6. ‘How Do You Motivate a Musical Child?’

For Adults, Participant Limit: 50

Parenting a budding musician comes with its unique challenges and rewards. In the insightful workshop, ‘How Do You Motivate a Musical Child?,’ parents are equipped with practical strategies and expert advice on nurturing their child’s musical journey. Led by the visionary minds behind San Ramon Academy of Music, this workshop explores the psychological aspects of music education, emphasizing the importance of encouragement, active participation, and a supportive musical community. Parents leave empowered, armed with the knowledge and tools to inspire their young musicians effectively.


7. Free Piano Masterclass at Front Row Theatre

For Ages 6+, Participant Limit: 50

The grandeur of the Front Row Theatre sets the stage for a transformative Piano Masterclass, where aspiring pianists of all ages gather to refine their skills and embrace the nuances of piano playing. Led by James Daly, the maestro behind San Ramon Academy of Music, this masterclass offers an intimate learning experience. Participants receive personalized feedback on their pieces, gaining valuable insights and techniques to elevate their piano playing to new heights. As a special bonus, free piano lessons are awarded to select participants, ensuring that the magic of music continues to flourish long after the masterclass concludes.



As the final notes of our workshops fade away, what lingers is the indelible mark of music on the hearts and minds of our participants. San Ramon Academy of Music invites you to be a part of this symphony of learning, creativity, and passion. Join us in these workshops, and together, let’s create a harmonious future where every individual is empowered to explore their musical potential, one note at a time.

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