Empowering Parents to Motivate The Musical Prodigies

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Welcome to an inspiring presentation by the San Ramon Academy of Music on how to motivate and empower your musical child. This blog post is created by two esteemed teachers: Isaac Levine, Head of Strings and a seasoned orchestral musician, and James Daly, the passionate owner of San Ramon Academy of Music and a dedicated musician and composer himself. With this blog post, our goal will be to transform your perspective on music lessons and provide you with the tools to nurture your child’s musical interest and open the doors to this amazing creative journey.

Redefining the Goal of Music Lessons

Many perceive music lessons as a means to improve musical skills. However, music education is about more than just notes and technique; it’s about fostering a lifelong love for music and creating a positive relationship with practice. By reframing the purpose of lessons, we can create an encouraging environment where setbacks are natural and growth is celebrated. But, in order to do that, we need to be aware of:

The Benefits of Studying Music

Cognitive Development: Research shows that musical training enhances cognitive functions like attention, working memory, and executive skills. Musical education also improves neural processing of speech, leading to enhanced reading abilities.

Emotional Well-Being: Engaging with music positively impacts emotional regulation and stress reduction. Participation in music activities promotes happiness and positive mood states in children.

Addressing the Issue

We acknowledge that many students view school orchestra and music lessons as mere classes, lacking passion. Let’s draw a parallel with sports: “You like basketball, but do you like PE class?” This highlights the importance of engaging with music beyond the classroom. Encouraging ensemble participation and performances can transform a passive experience into an exciting journey.

Fostering the Synergy: Teacher – Parent – Student

Teacher’s Role: Our instructors are not just educators; they’re guides on a musical adventure. They craft vibrant experiences, making learning engaging and inspiring students to embrace the joy of music.

Parent’s Role: You are the pillars of encouragement. By fostering a supportive environment at home, you empower your child to develop a lifelong connection with music.

Student’s Role: Embrace the musical journey. Practice is not a chore but a path to mastery. Recognize the beauty of music and its power to connect.

Shared Family Experiences: Creating lasting memories through family music-making sessions and outings to musical events strengthens family bonds. Engaging with music as a family fosters a deeper connection with the art form.

Practice Tactics for Parents

  • Quality over quantity: Short, focused practice sessions yield better results. Consistency is key.
  • Learn together: Join your child’s musical journey, making practice a shared adventure.
  • Set attainable goals: Celebrate small milestones to boost confidence and reinforce progress.
  • Ritualize practice: Associate practice with daily routines, making it feel natural.

‘Practice Less and Play More’

By engaging in playful musical activities, parents can inspire their children to develop self-motivated practice habits. Encourage curiosity, exploration, and independent musical thoughts to cherish a life-long interest in this creative art.

Harnessing Peer Influence

Group classes, like SRAM’s SRYSO, offer opportunities for children to learn from and motivate each other. Positive social dynamics in group performances boost confidence and self-esteem.

Why SRYSO and SRAM Group Classes?

SRYSO offers a non-traditional approach to nurturing students with individual attention. The program supports the community and provides exciting opportunities for performance and friendship.


Today, we’ve explored the transformative power of music education. By fostering a passion for music, we equip our children with skills that extend far beyond musical notes. Thank you for joining us in this journey, and let’s continue to empower our young musicians together. Feel free to ask questions and engage in discussion as we embrace the magic of music in our children’s lives.

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