New Support Program For Arts & Music In California: Proposition 28

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As parents, we play a crucial role in shaping the future of our children, especially in their formative years. The recent approval of Proposition 28—Arts and Music in Public Schools Funding in California marks a significant step in enriching our children’s education through the arts. But what does this mean for your child, and how can you further support their artistic journey? Here’s a brief overview and some tips on how you can get involved. 

Understanding Proposition 28

In November 2022, California voters passed a groundbreaking initiative, Proposition 28, to enhance arts and music education in public schools. Starting in the 2023–24 school year, additional funding will be allocated to public schools for arts education, ensuring that your child has more opportunities to explore and develop their artistic talents.

How You Can Support Arts Education in Californian Public Schools

  1. Stay Informed and Involved: Keep up with your local school district’s plans for implementing the new arts funding. Attend school board meetings, and don’t hesitate to ask how the funds are being used.
  2. Advocate for Arts Programs: Voice your support for robust arts programs in your child’s school. Advocacy can influence the allocation of funds toward hiring qualified art teachers and investing in quality art materials and resources.
  3. Volunteer: Offer your time and skills to support arts-related activities and events at your child’s school. Whether it’s helping with an art fair or assisting in a music class, your involvement matters.
  4. Encourage Your Child’s Participation: Motivate your child to take part in school arts programs. Whether it’s joining the school band, participating in a drama club, or attending art classes, every experience enriches their learning.

SRAM Honorable Recommendations of Local Public Schools

Bay Area Public Elementary Schools:

  • Bella Vista Elementary School
  • Country Club Elementary School
  • Coyote Creek Elementary School
  • Creekside Elementary School
  • Vista Grande Elementary School
  • Green Valley Elementary School

Bay Area Public Middle Schools:

  • Charlotte Wood Middle School
  • Diablo Vista Middle School
  • Gale Ranch Middle School
  • Iron Horse Middle School
  • Windemere Ranch Middle School
  • Pine Valley Middle School

Bay Area Public High Schools:

  • California High School
  • Dougherty Valley High School
  • Monte Vista High School
  • San Ramon Valley High School

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