When is the best time to start with music lessons?

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– What is the best time for a child to start piano lessons?

– Is it too late for my twelve-year-old child to start music education?

– Is it too early for my four-year-old child to attend piano lessons?

– If a child starts with piano lessons as soon as possible, will it make him a prodigy?

Although those questions are one of the most common when it comes to music lessons, there is no precise nor even correct answer that can apply to all children. Some children start at an early age, but others become interested later on. Each child is special in their own way and every one of them has different interests, talents, and abilities. Like Sviatoslav Richter, this globally recognized virtuoso started to play the piano when he was 15!

So, when the child becomes interested in music, it is always welcomed to the music world. For that reason, we decided to help you with 3 tips that can help you estimate whether your child is ready to start music lessons.

1. How does your child react when he hears music?

If you notice that your child enjoys music then there is no doubt! If he dances to it, sings, or just nod his head, clap or kick to the beat, that is a clear green light that your child finds music interesting. He already understands the elements of music and naturally correlates with them. Those are also the first signs that your child has a talent for music!

But if that doesn’t sound like your child, it shouldn’t frighten you because those aren’t the only reactions that can show his potential and interest in music. Watch his facial reaction while listening to music or watching some musician playing. Is he curious about it and does he watch with a smile or excitement? Those are also indicators that shouldn’t be neglected.

2. They Can Focus for A Period of Time

Even though music lessons can be one of the thrilling hobbies for any age, they also require concentration and practice. During music lessons, each student encounters new challenges, and therefore, focus is one of the keys to a successful musical journey. Small pianists start with 20 to 30- minute lessons and as they grow older, it can come to 90-minute lessons.

3. They are interested in similar activities

An interesting thing about playing an instrument is that it isn’t as passive as listening to music. Quite the opposite, playing an instrument is a rapid activity that is made out of more skills. So, if you notice that your child loves to read and listen, do riddles and games, or even if he loves to dance and play sport, those are all skills that are a part of playing an instrument – learning the music language, reading notes, thinking, and, of course, the body movement. That is probably why musicians are one of the best multi-taskers!

To avoid painful classes in which the child does not enjoy or develop in his own direction, and to save your money also, we always recommend a trial lesson where your child can meet the music world with our professional teachers. This shouldn’t frighten the child or worry you because the evaluation is not based on any tests, nor does it require any prior knowledge. All trial lessons are age-appropriated and carefully designed where your child will only be introduced to the instrument, a few musical terms, and learn one easy song!  

His feeling at the end of the class will tell us both if the child is ready for music lessons! That is the most important thing at our San Ramon Academy of Music – we always strive that your child has a  fun and meaningful experience because that is what music is all about! 

Still not sure if your’s child is ready to start music lessons?  

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