4 reasons why voice lessons are more than just singing!

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When it comes to all benefits that come hand-in-hand with singing lessons, people at first glance think that they will only learn how to sing any song you want – and that’s it! But what impact it can make on us psychologically and physically is a large piece of the iceberg that is unseen under the water until we start with the lessons!

Usually, the students come to try out voice lessons as a new fun hobby that they will take for a few weeks, but after only a few classes, they notice what all the goods that come along with this kind of education are – and they continue on taking them for years! This is why we decided this month to reveal all the reasons why voice lessons are much more than just singing!

1. Boosts confidence and develops public speaking skills

It looks so easy and fun when somebody stands in front of us and shows us what they can all do with their voice! Their appearance is charming, and the tone of voice starts to mesmerize us! But, from the view of a singer, it isn’t as simple and exciting as it looks – many of them haven’t been born with that talent, and they have been practicing their singing technique for years until they come to the point where they can easily and confidently sing in front of anybody!

You can notice that by your example if you haven’t taken singing lessons! Try out to sing a song – you will probably notice that your voice doesn’t sound as pleasing as Adele’s, and you might also start to doubt yourself and your talent for it! But, on that same path were all the amazing singers also – they overcame many challenges until they came to their amazing results!

But there comes the next step – even when you learn how to sing nicely, it isn’t the same feeling to sing alone and in front of many people! The audience looks at you without blinking, expects to hear some amazing tunes, and you start to remember all the steps that you took to came to this point!

That’s right; it takes lots of courage to stand firm in front of them with both feet on the ground and to let your voice become powerful yet beautiful! Because of this fact, many parents decide to enroll their children in singing lessons – through an entertaining hobby, they equally practice their confidence for public speaking also!

2. Great exercise for your lungs and vocal cords

Have you noticed that some of the singers can sing so many notes and words without taking their breath so frequently? You try to sing along with them, but you start to wonder, how can they sing so flawlessly but yet with so much energy while you start to lose your breath while trying to catch up with them? That is because vocal lessons are an amazing exercise for developing the capacity of your lungs! Because they are equally involved as the vocal cords – because we need air to produce a sound – singing not only teaches us how to breathe more calmly, but it also advances the quality of our lungs also!

But not only that! Vocal lessons also teach us how to use our vocal cords properly – and in singing and in talking! Many people have encountered at least once in their lifetime a difficulty with their voice without knowing what the cause for that was: after talking too much, their throat can become sore, or the quality of the voice can start to decrease as the day ends. At least 80% of those cases happen because of the wrong use of their vocal cords, and if it isn’t taken care of on time, many can address some medical issues! Because of that, people of all ages come to us to take vocal lessons to avoid any issues and to learn how to use their voice properly– we need it for everything in our life!

3. Advances your expression and develops emotional intelligence

Have you noticed how singers change the tone and volume of their voice according to the words and the atmosphere of the song? That is because they want to musically describe everything that lies behind a song – the topic, the story, the words!
Because all emotions and situations differ, so is our behavior, tone of voice,  and our body movement during those moments. As the purpose of music is to describe all of that, each song’s story also differs from the other. During music education, students encounter a wide variety of different feelings, which immensely develop their emotional intelligence – they need to understand them in order to perform them properly!
Vocal lessons also help the students express themselves on a much better level – the tone of the voice won’t be the same when we want to project shiness or excitement! That is why singing courses are a great exercise for them on how to use their voice in all kinds of ways!

4. Reduces anxiety and betters brain health

It has been scientifically proven that singing has a very positive impact on our mental health. Singing lowers cortisol and relieves stress and tension. Studies have shown that when people sing, endorphins and oxytocin are released by the brain, which in turn lowers stress and anxiety levels.
Singing is a mindful activity. So much is going on in your body and mind when you sing that when you are singing, you are fully focused on it. This allows you to ‘turn off’ your stream of consciousness and live completely in the moment, distracting your mind from negative thoughts, focusing on the sound, the action, the breathing, the feeling, and the pleasure of song.


As you can tell from this article, vocal lessons can have an immense effect on you because it activates and develops both parts of your brain – and psychical and psychological! Those are rare lessons where you can equally develop many different things that might bring you so much benefits in your future – not only will you learn how to use your voice properly, but also how to speak up confidently and connect with your environment on a much better level!
That is why we at San Ramon Academy of Music dedicate lots of attention to this subject – we have created a wide variety of vocal lessons where all of our students can engage with singing through different lesson curriculums and environments:
You can schedule private 1-on-1 lessons – our amazing Courtnee or Zoe can professionally set the foundation on how to use your voice correctly, but also teach you all techniques of singing that you will need for any classical or popular song!
 – Beginner Group Choir Lessons – all children aged 6-10 can join us on our seasonal vocal courses and start to develop their singing abilities together with friends from the San Ramon area!
Middle School Group Choir Lessons – for all students aged 11 to 14, we have prepared an engaging and entertaining singing curriculum that will be held in the San Ramon Community Center!
Vocal Technique and Performance Group Lessons – this is an ultimate course for all children aged 10 to 18 where they will meet with all skills that are used in professional music performances, like concerts and broadway musicals – they will equally develop their singing, dancing, reciting, and body expression abilities! Practicing how to incorporate all those abilities into one performance creates an engaging challenge that can help them develop their confidence in public speaking but also their expression!
Try out singing lessons and notice all those benefits on your skin also by clicking the name of the course above!