Top 4 Affordable Microphones For Online Lessons

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When we think about advancing the technical equipment for online lessons, the dizziness of the prices immediately blocks us from finding any solutions. Even though we are aware that a microphone for online environments can advance the quality of the lesson on so many levels, we know that audio devices can be very pricey. But, rarely do they tell us the follow-up of that fact –  those are the crème de la creme of it and today there are so many affordable solutions that can bring many qualities to the table. And the best-untold part is, those cheap models of microphones cost almost like one lesson and do the work like the 1k ones!

Therefore, we have done the work for you! While searching for a high-quality microphone that wouldn’t tear up your pocket, we have came up with 4 microphones that are ideal for online music lessons for all levels and budgets.

Editor’s Note: All prices are valid at the time of writing. Hopefully, if you find they’re different, they’re lower, but if not, there should be plenty of options to choose from in this list. Also, this article is purely for informing purposes without any type of collaboration with the companies.

1. Zoom DZM-1 dynamic microphone

Besides the fact that this mic currently costs only 59$, The Zoom DZM-1 dynamic microphone includes an internal shock mount. That means that all unwanted noise will be isolated from the primary source of the sound. By that, it means that you and your family won’t need to walk on eggshells while your the child attends the lesson – all of you can easily continue doing anything without any concern of interrupting the music lesson with any noise!

The only thing that isn’t a favorable one for this model is that Zoom DZM-1 can only be placed on a microphone stand – which is 5$ to the price, but, it will still save you up 20$ because you don’t need to buy an external shock mount for the noise!

Price: $59.99
Connectivity: Wired XL
Polar pattern: Unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern
Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz

2. AKG P120 condenser microphone

If you are looking for an affordable microphone its main strength is to record clear voice sounds, then the AKG P120 condenser microphone is the one you are looking for!

This microphone is ideal for both live and prerecorded webinars, tutorials, and online course lessons. If you’re looking for a mic setup that can serve a range of general online course and webinar purposes — from recording musical instruments to presenting voice-over slide decks — this one will give you high-quality audio.

Price: $85.00
Connectivity: Wired XLR
Polar pattern: Unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

3. Blue Snowball iCE USB condenser microphone

This model is often in the world of podcasting, so that gives us proof that the Blue Snowball iCE provides a clear audio quality for live and pre-recorded materials.

This model comes with many favorable features for beginners:
– it’s a plug-and-play USB microphone
– It comes with an attached adjustable stand
– the size of it is adorably compact

Price: $49.99
Connectivity: Wired USB
Polar pattern: Unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern
Frequency response: 40Hz to 18kHz

4. Rode SmartLaV+ lavalier condenser microphone

Here is one for expressive and energetic musicians! If you feel pressured by the fact that you need to think about standing in the same position with the microphone so the other side can hear everything equally, then the portable, hands-free Rode microphone is the one for you.

Besides the fact that Rodeis widely known for the fact that its quality is always much ahead of its price, this mic is widely used in many different branches – from teachers with a lot of movement to fitness instructors.

You can plug this device into your phone and put it in your pocket or you can connect it to you PC and you will be sure that all the sound that you produce will be equally sent to the other side!

Price: $54.95
Connectivity: Wired TRRS jack
Polar pattern: Omnidirectional


Even though all of our devices come with an internal microphone, we can guarantee you that after choosing any of those 4 microphones, you will instantly notice a huge difference. Only one small investment that will last for years can bring so much quality into the lesson!

If you need any further help with finding a microphone for online lessons, always feel free to reach us out! We will gladly help you out on choosing the best equipment for your child!

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