Top 6 Pianos For Beginners And How To Find Them

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When starting your piano education, the big question that might bring you a headache is ‘which piano to buy and are they like veeery expensive instruments?’ Oh, yes, the new, high-quality ones that everybody talks about are! But, when you decide to enroll your children in piano lessons, it is absolutely not necessary to commit to such an expensive product that 20 percent of top pianists own!

If you are starting and not sure where will this path go, let those thoughts because there are plenty of cheap variants that can suit as well as a grand piano! Therefore, in this article you will find 6 models that fit your piano beginners as well as alternative ways of finding a budget-friendly piano for your children!

Important Fact: the keyboards must have at least 73 keys that are fully weighted!

1. Keyboards

If you look up any store, you will find a huge offer on electric keyboards. The prices vary from 100$ to 10000$, and when you look at them, they probably look to you the same! But, all in all, they have the same purpose, which mostly doesn’t fit music education – they are meant for gigs and informal playing!

Because of that, the keys of a keyboard are much easier to play even though they look the same as a piano. Pressing the keys of a keyboard is easy as clicking with your PC mouse, and with real pianos, that is not the case! The real piano requires more strength to produce a sound!

Many parents make a mistake by going on that road which in the future creates some problems. Children get used to easy playing, which doesn’t develop their playing technique. When they sit at a proper piano, they have difficulties playing it, which creates revulsion!

But, there are very few affordable keyboards that are made for piano education – those are the ones that have fully-weighted mechanisms! One of them is Alesis Prestige 88-key Digital Piano with Graded Hammer-action Keys. 

Alesis Prestige 88-key Digital Piano with Graded Hammer-action Keys.

This keyboard is an excellent example for beginner to intermediate students who want to explore the world of piano in a proper and budget-friendly way! Depending on the stores, it costs from 400$ to 600$.

The second alternative for electric keyboards goes to Casio CDPS160! 

Casio CDPS160

This very compact yet powerful keyboard is adjusted for piano lessons – keys are also fully weighted! It is a few bucks more expensive than the previous one and has different aesthetics, but the quality is the same!

For both examples, you also need to consider getting a stand for it, as well as a damper pedal – which adds around 40$ to the price!

2. Clavinovas

Clavinovas are new-generation hybrid keyboards that are meant to properly serve piano students of all levels! Even it looks reminds of real pianos!

They come with quality, fully-weighted keys as well as with a stand and a damper pedal, and they can serve your student throughout the whole elementary piano education! There are four brands where you can carefreely pick any model – Yamaha, Kawai, Korg, and Kurzweil! Here are our few picks!

Kawai KDP120 Digital Home Piano
Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725
Korg LP-180

3. Used Pianos

The only second-hand thing that you can buy with an almost carefree mind is a real piano! Those instruments are made of the most quality materials, which can make them last more than 100 years if they are adequately taken care of. And, the best part is, it will be the best way for your children to develop their technique! The prices of real pianos vary by age and condition – you can find used pianinos that cost 100$ but also 10000$!

There are plenty of ways to find used pianos! For example, if you look up Facebook Market, you will already find at least 20 pianos on sale in your area! Here is an example of the market when this article was made!

If you choose this option, here are a few tips on how to evaluate its quality:

-always look for the mechanism inside the piano – the body (the harp) that holds the wires should be made of metal, not wood (the old Vienna Mechanism)!!!
– the hammers should be placed in the same row
– the keys should have the same height and weight
– pedals should functionate

There is one more important thing to know: all those materials are replaceable with help from a proper piano mechanic! But, if you want to avoid that, look at the things written above!

If you think that you need help from an expert and you are from the San Francisco Bay Area, here is also a great store that offers used pianos! In Music Exchange you can schedule a meeting with them to find a good piano for you!


You can notice that buying a piano won’t be a headache! There are so many affordable options that will surely serve you for years! All examples from the lists have their own benefits, and you should conclude which one is the best:

  • To start with smaller steps with an electric keyboard that will need to be replaced after 5 years
  • To get something similar to a piano, like a Clavinova, and be carefree during the whole elementary education
  • Or, to buy a proper, used piano which will surely do its job, and its value will last for at least 10 years

If you need help choosing, our teachers are always there to help you in that search! Also, be fully prepared for your new journey by reading or post on what you should know when starting with music lessons!

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