Tips on how to create a setup for online lessons

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Putting effort into creating a good and effective online environment can seem more than it is there to do – it takes you only once to make it, and you are ready to take lessons for years without any thinking! So, no more thinking each day will there be someone free to do the transportation or who will prepare the child! It takes only a few minutes of your time to create a perfect environment where your child can send and receive the video and sound!

Now, there isn’t one perfect solution for all music lessons – each instrument is played differently, so it requires a different type of setup. In this text, we will try to round all kinds of setups and provide you with the best cheap but still quality solutions that can serve you for years.

1. Lights

Even though the sound is essential to music lessons, having a bright environment is equally important. By having a clear picture, teachers can set a proper hand position, posture, and playing technique. 

If you don’t have a place with lots of natural lights, additional lighting will be required. However, if you don’t have a lamp by your hand, there are so many ’20$’ solutions that can help you there! Typing only ‘light’ on any online store can give you different types of led lamps, and here are a few picks that we got from our search:

2. Camera

If you have proper lighting, a professional, high-resolution camera won’t be necessary. All cameras that are integrated into today’s PCs, phones, or tablets have enough pixels to provide teachers with all the visual information that he needs. So, whatever device you pick, it will serve you just fine!

But, more important question that needs to be discussed is the camera position. Without a proper view of students playing, the teacher can’t provide the knowledge he needs. So, if you are able to adjust your device to have a clear viewpoint of the student, then everything is covered! It can be anything – a stand, table, chair, or anything where the device can be safe!

Many students decide to upgrade their setup so they can have a high-quality experience, and that is with two cameras. The device where they look up for the teacher is placed close to them, and the other camera covers the view of their hands. That makes the lesson flow much easier because the student doesn’t lose focus on chasing the camera or the screen.

That is the most common situation in piano lessons where one camera is positioned above their hands and the other in front of them – they also need to follow their teacher without craning their neck! And, yes, there are also ’20$’ solutions for this one:

3. Environment

We don’t need to discuss how pleasant is a quiet environment when we want to learn, read or practice something. So, if possible, try finding a place in your home to enjoy your lessons undisturbed, away from distractions, so that you can enter the right mindset.

Also, do a quick preparation before the lessons – put away your phone on silent, set the notes and books you need, prepare a pencil to add notes, and, of course, a glass of water to recharge when needed!

4. Microphone

Having a proper microphone during online music lessons can bring so much to the table in this education! It is probably the most crucial thing in online music education.

Usually, microphones in any kind of device aren’t as good as cameras, and we know that a musical instrument can produce a wide variety of sounds. And, of course, we know that playing only the notes correctly doesn’t make us great musicians, but those small details that we do with the sound!

So, don’t get scared immediately with this because we have also made a great selection of microphones that do a great job but won’t tear your pocket apart! Today’s technology has advanced to this point that you can find a microphone for 50$ that is comparable to the professionals, and the best part is, once you get it, it will serve you for years!

If you agree with us on this, check our previous blog post and be sure that a microphone that costs like one drive to the lesson has assured you the top-quality equipment where the teacher can sculpt a perfect, precise sound.


All in all, you can conclude after reading this blog post that it takes mostly a half hour of your time to create an engaging and high-quality environment for online music lessons. And, of course, it is much more affordable than the traditional way of going to additional activities! At San Ramon Academy of Music, we always help you prepare your ideal set, and if you have more questions on this, you can always reach us! Once everything is finished, we are ready to go on our musical journey!

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